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Multiple Account Management

We are launching a major evolution of Smartmessages, adding a new level of control, time saving, and efficiency, all running on top of the current system. This new change is multi-account management, allowing you to manage multiple accounts from a single login.

This new model suits two kinds of businesses particularly well: agencies that send email for multiple clients and larger organisations that send email for multiple departments or branches. For example this would allow mailings to be sent with branch-specific local details but with oversight from a head office.

Digital marketing agencies and web developers often have multiple customers of widely varying size; this often makes it uneconomic to use a separate account for each one, and so compromises are sought to fudge generic branding, limit sending, etc; our new system allows cost to be spread across multiple fixed cost accounts, allowing sending credits to be transferred to child accounts as needed.

  • The big payoff is cost: email credits can be purchased in bulk and then split across the child accounts at will.
  • Switching between accounts is instant and doesn’t involve multiple logins or passwords.
  • Creating child accounts is right there on the home page of the parent account.
  • Parent accounts can create child account users quickly and easily, and assign them important permissions without involving support requests.
  • A parent account can create a library of dynamic email templates that can be shared across child accounts, helping consistency, version control, and saving time.
  • Account branding & styling can be copied from a parent account, but also overridden at the child account level, allowing consistent use of logos, fonts, colours, and custom styles, which can be pulled into email templates as well as public-facing pages such as subscribe and unsubscribe.

We think this is a unique offering that will suit many businesses – and we can’t wait to hear from you!

We do all this of course while maintaining our unparalleled respect for the privacy and rights of your subscribers, so you don’t need to worry about those legal aspects, and you can expect them to trust you more in return.