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The End for Privacy Shield?

As we’ve warned since its inception, the EU – US Privacy Shield agreement looks like it’s going to collapse shortly. Trump’s admin isn’t about to concede anything to the EU – (that privilege is reserved for NK, apparently 😛): That’s the only the first of many assaults on it; Max Schrems’ case is coming […]

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Automating email content with RSS

One of the biggest obstacles to getting regular newsletters out to a list is gathering stories and formatting them into your templates. It’s as if you’re having to do all the work you’ve already done to publish your blog articles all over again! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just design a layout once and then say “use […]

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Responsive email template framework from Zurb

There’s no escaping it: building reliable responsive email templates is hard. While Smartmesssages provides a great array of tools to help you build your templates, we can’t claim to have everything! Email client applications like Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail vary wildly in how they present HTML messages, and it becomes even harder when you take different devices […]

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Email marketing and EU data protection

Synchromedia’s technical director, Marcus Bointon, spoke on data protection at the PHP[Tek] 2016 conference. Data protection is highly relevant to email marketing, far more than simple web access, because email senders have to know about data subjects (subscribers) in advance, and thus are subject to far more legislation – legislation that is currently seeing major upheavals.

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The world’s premier PHP conference, PHP[tek], was held from 23rd to 27th May 2016 in St Louis, Missouri with over 50 talks, tutorials & training on PHP and related technologies. Synchromedia’s Marcus Bointon was invited to give two talks.

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