Email Credits

Monthly Email Credits

Monthly email credits are ideal for people who are sending regular amounts on a monthly basis. These credits will expire after a month and not based on the amount of contacts in the account.

You can create multiple accounts and spread the credits across them, thus reducing costs significantly for organisations with the appropriate structure.

By paying for monthly credits in a yearly chunk, you get 3 months free.
Monthly Email Credits Monthly cost* Yearly cost*
2,500 £40 £360
5,000 £65 £585
10,000 £95 £855
25,000 £180 £1,620
50,000 £350 £3,150
*Prices do not include VAT.
Email Credits

Yearly Email Credits

Yearly email credits can be used at anytime during the year and thus significantly help when emailing patterns are not based on months.

By buying email credits by the year, the cost per credit comes down.
Yearly Email Credits Yearly Cost*
100,000 £1,000
250,000 £1,800
500,000 £2,500
1,000,000 £4,500
*Prices do not include VAT.
Additional Services

Support Services

With decades of experience in the digital marketing sector, our team is available to provide support for your company by talking to resolve any issues that arise.

We bring in-depth knowledge and years of experience to complex projects, personalised mailings, system integration and design based on bespoke campaign requirements.
Additional Services

Multiple Account Service

Organisations wanting to run multiple accounts for branding reasons, have a great deal to be happy about when they see the features that save time, costs and allow more control than they have had before.

Please get in contact and we will give you a tour of our system.