The Benefits

Over the last 20 years we have added hundreds of features to save time emailing campaigns through smart automation.

We are different in our approach as we started with privacy in the design and have added every privacy feature we can think of over time.

Our multiple account system allows email credits to be shared across accounts, as well as offering unique management features.

Business Benefits

Legally businesses don't need to worry about being GDPR compliant as our system offers all privacy features, including consent to track, automated SAR system, records of consent.
Organisations can save up to 2/3rds of costs by using our multiple accounts features.

User Benefits

The users of the system can manage email credits, account creation, user creation and a range of email templates features only available due to the multiple account system.
Templates can be uploaded from other email template builders with a couple of clicks.

Recipient Benefits

Recipients can get to see, edit or delete all the data held on them through a SAR portal. They can contact us for support. All emails have an unsubscribe link. Recipients tracking data is only available if they have given consent to be tracked.