Privacy Policy

Privacy first, and we mean it

When it comes to privacy, we practice what we preach. This informational site does not set any
cookies, and does not use any tracking technologies.

Our LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook and facebook buttons are simple links, without any cookies or scripting, and we use
a strict referrer policy so personal data is not leaked though links to external resources.

That’s all there is to it. You see, this is what happens when you take privacy seriously – you don’t need to make
long-winded excuses for why you’re giving away personal data to random companies you’ve never heard of, that make
all of their money by exploiting your data. We don’t do any of that, so we don’t need to provide feeble excuses.

The privacy policy for this site differs from the policies that apply to our account holders, and to subscribers that
join mailing lists we manage – though we still don’t use any third-party cookies or tracking scripts on there
either. If you’d like to read that policy, you can find it here.