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Apple’s Email Privacy Protection

When Apple released Mail Privacy Protection, the ability to use the opens of emails from users using Apple Mail for reports or automated sequences went away. 

Even though many of the opens on reports are bots which can be spotted by them clicking links far quicker than a human can, now the ability to locate where the email was open, when it was opened and by what machine have gone away.

All of this gets us back to what newsletters are, a way of informing your audience about subjects that are newsworthy. For us, this goes along with other features such as A/B split testing which only really works if one of the subjects is really bad.

This gets us back to why we are emailing and it is often to increase sales, so a metric that can be tracked is the clicks and with a friendly sales system connected then onto a sale will give insight into whether the email channel is a useful tool for a particular business. 

If people are sent emails that interest them, then they will read them, sometimes miss a few but will keep reading over time and thus keep your organisation on their radar.