Read the Blog talks at PHP[tek] 2016


The world’s premier PHP conference, PHP[tek], was held from 23rd to 27th May 2016 in St Louis, Missouri with over 50 talks, tutorials & training on PHP and related technologies. Synchromedia’s Marcus Bointon was invited to give two talks.

The first talk was on IPv6, the most recent version of the Internet Protocol standard that provides the base networking technology on which the entire internet is built. IPv6 is important because we’ve run out of IPv4 addresses, and the explosion of devices (such as for the “internet of things”) is making the IPv6’s massive capacity a real necessity. Despite this, many developers are scared of the perceived complexity IPv6 brings, though in reality it’s not nearly as difficult as they think. This talk aimed to dispel the fears and provide a plan for how to adapt systems to support IPv6.

The second talk, more relevant to customers, was on “Data Protection: US vs EU”. Transatlantic data protection legislation is in a major state of upheaval – and it’s currently the case that storing data on EU citizens in a US-based service is illegal! The talk covered some of the significant differences between how data protection laws are created and handled  in the US and EU, where they conflict and how you can resolve problems, and what is likely to happen in future, such as with the EU General Data Protection Regulations coming into force in may 2018. You can read more about the current state of affairs in this blog article.